Saturday Morning Meditation

The residents of the State of Tennessee who are most at risk by the passage of this Amendment are the persons who are the most vulnerable: children and their indigent parents. They are also the persons who are least able to voice their concerns (and have their voices heard) when the system fails them…I think the passage of this Amendment will place the State of Tennessee at significant risk if the system by which a judge, exercising his discretion based on knowledge of the facts and persons involved, is replaced by a system in which the local judge is deprived of the ability to make appointments on a case by case basis.

–Sue Hynds Dunning, Oldham & Dunning, LLC
August 1, 2011

You can find this quote on page five of the four hundred pages of comments sent to the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2011 when the contract system was last attempted. Don’t believe me. Take a look for yourself here:

And now we put children and indigent parents at risk, three years later. Because thirty three percent savings.


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