The Most Hilarious Blawg Post Of The Month

On Saturdays, you’d usually see one of my link sessions here.  Not today.  This week one blawg in particular won the internet, so we’re going with that–and a particular post on said blawg.

Judge Richard G. Kopf is a Federal District Court Judge out of Nebraska who writes regularly at a blog called “Hercules and the Umpire.”  He claims to write with regularity on the day-to-day role of the Federal trial judge.  In reality, it’s a great look into the mind of what judges really are: human beings with their own set of quibbles, quirks, and endearing personality traits.

In the last week, Kopf received an “honor” from the American Bar Association by having “Hercules and the Umpire” placed on their “Blawg 100,” which purports to be a list of the best 100 blawgs on the internet.

I’ll let Judge Kopf explain his reaction.

That really, really pissed me off.

I have done everything I can to be excluded from such idiocy. I have insulted female trial lawyers because I am a dirty old man. I expressed my view that Congress should go to hell. I told the Supreme Court to STFU. I engaged in a myriad of snarky exchanges with oh-so-brilliant law professors. I expressed my virulent anti-Catholic bias. Of course, I’m clearly a racist too! (In fact, I am so tempted to scream “Burn this bitch down” that I can hardly stand it.)

What the hell more can I do to get thrown off this list of bull shit?

Please read the rest of Judge Kopf’s post here:

Then do us all a favor and go vote for any other blawg than Kopf’s.  In fact, here’s a link to vote:

While you’re on the site, contact the ABA and tell them to take Judge Kopf’s blawg off the ABA 100 rolls for good.  He’s currently battling cancer, so send him a set of well-wishes at Hercfriends at gmail dot com too.

Judge, I salute you.  In a world where people who take their clothes off for a living makes the press, this little attorney thinks your work is the closest thing to truly “breaking the internet” we’ll see.


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