“Hope is a Virus” reaches pandemic status

I’m sure many of you remember me talking fondly about Knoxville-based comedian J.C. Ratliff’s album recording last year.  It was an amazing evening at Sassy Ann’s, an incredible set by J.C., and full of crazy moments including the Knoxville Fire Marshall attempting to shut the entire show down.

Since that night, people have been asking when and where the album will be available for release.

Dear readers, that time is now.

Click here to go to Fundly and order your digital copy of “Hope is a Virus.”  J.C. is selling digital copies of his album through this platform to raise enough funds for a pressing to sell in stores and at shows.  Added funds beyond the minimum $10 donation will get you extra goodies, and for $50 you can even make J.C. come up with a recorded set of the topic you choose.

Get cracking, folks.  Now’s your chance to hear comedic gold on demand.


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